QHSE Statement


PHM is dedicated to technologically driven Oil & Gas Integrated supply chain management and project solutions. PHM is focused on crucial market differentiation that includes innovation, technical expertise, and efficiency as well as offering a comprehensive product portfolio throughout the energy and Oil & Gas mainstreams”.


Leadership and commitment

We are committed to the optimum QHSE standards and prevention of injuries and health, taking a proactive path towards our social responsibilities, mitigating the impact on the environment, and perpetual improvement of the Company management systems and QHSE performance.



A competent and knowledgeable workforce with a strong culture based on the Company’s core values is essential to the safe and consistent performance of an efficient and effective operation.

PHM is committed to organizational development and training. At the same time, frontline managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that appropriate training is applied and that individuals’ competencies and capabilities are evaluated.

To sustain the company culture of innovation and development whilst ensuring compliance with changing legislation, this policy is reviewed periodically and revised according to the market standards.


Engagement and collaboration

We establish our approach based on our customers, colleagues, and supply chain and regularly consult with our employees, ensuring their active participation on matters affecting safety, health, and the environment.

We promote care, and we ensure that it is taken to protect the safety and health of our employees, customers, contractors, and of any other individuals or committees who may be affected by our business operations, whilst minimizing the impact on the environment including prevention of pollution and reduction in emissions and waste.



We commit to working toward eliminating and reducing all foreseeable hazards, so far as reasonably practicable, that may endanger health, safety, and the environment, or potentially affect product or service quality provided. At this stage, we achieved throughout our formal and constant assessment programs to mitigate risks and we continually evaluate further opportunities to maintain risk mitigation and enhanced performance.



We are committed to ensuring our employees, contractors and suppliers comply with all applicable legislation and industry standards relevant to our business activities and satisfaction of applicable stakeholder requirements. The Company regularly monitors, measures, analyses, evaluates, and reviews compliance with these requirements.


Innovation and improvement

We ensure that QHSE guidance and know-how are implemented throughout our Company. We continually monitor, review, audit for compliance, improve our systems and encourage innovation.