Our reputation is rooted in customer service. That’s why we stray away to ensure our customers get knowledgeable assistance, and follow-up care they deserve.


PHM as an umbrella corporate focused on energy sectors, was established in 2006 while the family business background started from generations before as our core of tradition, primarily providing procurement and aftersales services for EPC contracting in energy and construction industries and moreover.

With the growing demand for the modernisation and new development of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields, PHM began to expand their activities to encompass oil and gas sectors.

Today, in association with Major international companies, manufactures, legitimate financial institutions and insurance companies PHM dedicates its expertise to provide full-service solutions for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, constructions, power industries with focusing into Green energy Solutions.

Clients, such as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, partnership with PHM as we provide excellence through tailored made services compared to mega-brand competitors.

PHM kept the pace with the broad-minded developments pushing the entire supply chain to stay ahead of the market securing a competitive advantage.


PHM’s vision is to build upon our foundation as a significant engineering and procurement service company to become a dominant oil and gas field developer throughout the EMEA region.

Our vision is our dedication to immaculate customer service, rapidly becoming a benchmark for the quality industry. Our team of world-class professionals deliver extensive and exceptional assistance, empowered by continuous training within a stimulating highly creative and merit-driven work environment.

Through our success, PHM endeavours to maximise the middle east’s vast energy resources, while creating wealth and job opportunities for both current and future generation.

At PHM, we consider our customer’s success as our own, to be achieved in the following ways;

  • Adding value to customer operations through highly differentiated products and services so sustainable growth can be achieved.
  • Offering specialised know-how and support, we grow and maintain market leadership.
  • Providing performance-based contracts, we develop a substantial and long-term customer relationship
  • Assisting customers at various process stages, so a balance between fields development and cycle equipment support is maintained throughout and after project delivery.
  • Delivering reliable and proven solutions allowing our customers to focus on their core process while we drive the supply chain process toward optimisation.

KYC and Compliance

PHM due to its geostrategic business location, makes sure that our relationships with our customers especially In the financial sector is always aligned with the international compliance.

as a regulated company, Verifying the identities and financial circumstances of our relationship prospective become our main concern to maintain and ensure our compliance with All legislation and Customer Due Diligence (DCC) requirements.